Why Use Us?


Emerald Energy was established to support the expanding and vitally important renewable energy industry. You’ve arrived at this site because you’re in need of assistance in getting a renewable energy project up & going; you need technical advice; you need commercial advice; you have an idea but need to know how to make this a reality; your existing project has issues that need to be ironed out etc etc. You’ll find the best book of ra gratis here, you have time to get it! Emerald Energy can take your project from the early stages of site selection, feasibility, financial analysis and design, right through to successful planning permission, grid connection, procurement and project management of the construction phase. The good news is that the number of renewable energy options is growing rapidly, with more efficient and cost effective equipment of ever-increasing sophistication hitting the market on a progressively increasing basis. The even better news is that we are absolutely the right partner company to guide you through the process detailed on our SERVICES pages.


We are experts in this field. We have experienced experts in all of the sectors mentioned in our MARKETS section & all of these experts have experience with getting these projects up off the ground & making them a success. We have a staff of highly qualified and motivated professionals who have hands on experience of “start-up” company development, bespoke engineering design, project development and project management world-wide. Each team member combines a specific specialist skill with a broad understanding of renewable energy and the principles of sustainability. We’re a small enough company to give a hands on personal service & a cost effective solution, yet large enough to draw upon significant resources & expertise. We are highly client focussed, working to your best interests at all times. We understand that in order to be successful we need to provide the most favourable service to our clients otherwise we wouldn’t have a business! We have considerable experience in project management and multidisciplinary coordination and cooperation – in both public and private sectors, residential and commercial. Our values are centred upon openness and transparency and if things aren’t going to plan, you’ll be the first to know and we’ll be the first with the options on how to get the problem sorted. The advice we provide is INDEPENDENT and IMPARTIAL. We will direct you towards the best value for money applications for your business. We give you CHOICE – whatever level of energy production by renewable sources you are trying to achieve and whatever your motivation – we give you the tools to make the most informed & optimal decision as possible. Cost Effectiveness: Emerald Energy keeps overheads extremely low & passes on this financial saving directly to the client.