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Bioenergy is increasingly becoming the world´s most important alternative to fossil fuels. With electricity prices reaching record highs and increase in the issuing of green electricity certificates, the interest in biomass based heat and power production has never been so great.

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Renewable energy and the use of biomass in energy production promotes sustainable development and decreases the use of fossil fuels. Biomass, e.g. wood chips can be used in the production of heat and electricity, as well as being used as a biofuel component and a novel product for the chemical industry. Efficient utilisation of biomass requires a high level of knowledge and the development of new processes to create a new way of thinking. Emerald Energy can assist in taking your concepts or ideas & turning them into a physical reality.

Emerald Energy has significant expertise in the development and execution of renewable energy generation projects using biomass. Our capabilities span project feasibility, technology due diligence and financing right through to multidisciplinary engineering design and plant commissioning. Our diverse multidisciplinary project teams comprise of Environmental Scientists, Chemists, Energy Consultants, Project Managers And Senior Engineers. This allows a flexible approach to project development, whereby specialist consultancy services can be delivered throughout the lifecycle of renewable energy schemes.

Our area of specialism include:

  • Fuel production from biomass and waste (characterisation, processing, pretreatment, fuel modeling and viability).
  • Feedstock materials handling systems design
  • Biomass drying
  • Biomass pelletizing
  • Energy from biomass and waste (gasification, pyrolysis and anaerobic digestion)
  • Biofuels (bio-ethanol manufacture, storage and blending)
  • Bio-char & bio-oil generation from various biomass sources
  • Activated char production from biochar
  • Plasma gasification system research & design for biomass gasification. In-depth knowledge of plasma based systems including both industry standard & bespoke equipment.
  • Syngas upgrading using catalysis & other technology to increase the calorific value & improve its performance for gas engine/turbine running.
  • Waste-water treatment from biomass gasification/pyrolysis process
  • Biomass combustion for heat and power & Co-combustion of biomass and fossil fuels
  • Product gas analysis
  • Combined heat & power
  • Tar mitigation, avoidance & re-use
  • Utilization of biomass gasification/pyrolysis by-products i.e. Chemical analysis of bioashes for reuse as fertilizer.Techno-economical evaluation of projects
  • Technical guidance & assistance with any biomass/biofuel related projects/ventures

Bio-Energy Plant Safety Advice:

  • Hazards of the feed material, including self-heating potential and dust hazards (e.g. biomass in the form of wood chips)
  • Features relevant to process safety which are common to waste to energy plants & biomass plants which convert carbon-based materials into a product gas.
  • Critical process safety issues – fire and explosion risk potential, due to the presence of highly flammable gases (hydrogen and carbon monoxide); Toxic gas release
  • Emergency venting, pressure relief philosophy and explosion venting.
  • Flare system function and features.
  • Start-up and shutdown aspects, including emergency shutdown.


Specific Services


  • Feedstock Sampling
  • Fuel Characterization
  • Process Identification
  • Heat & Mass Balance
  • Grid Connection
  • Site Layout
  • Cost Estimate
  • Financial Modelling

Due Diligence

  • Technical Assessment
  • Technology Selection
  • Technology Integration
  • Financial Appraisal
  • Site Considerations


  • Planning
  • Permitting
  • WID Compliance
  • Health & Safety Considerations
  • Regulatory Compliance

Design & Build

  • Multi-Discipline Engineering Design
  • EPCM
  • Owner’s Engineer
  • Control Philosophy Development
  • Operating Procedure Development
  • Commissioning
  • Plant Operation
  • Process Optimization & Troubleshooting