Electrical Engineering

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Emerald Energy can provide a range of general and specialist Electrical Engineering services. Our team of Chartered Electrical Engineers are well experienced at thinking “outside the box” and designing, building and delivering the state of the art power systems solutions demanded in modern renewable energy projects.

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Conceptual Design of Power Systems

  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Electrical Layout of Renewable Energy Parks
  • Electrical and physical layouts
  • Assessment of options for connection off remote stand alone power systems
  • AC or DC?
  • Selection off system operating voltage levels
  • Embedded Generation Schemes for Tidal/Solar/Wave/Wind
  • Power Systems Interface up to 132kV
  • Power Quality
  • Protection and Monitoring Systems
  • Technical and Economic Evaluations
  • Preliminary Capital Cost / Operating Cost Estimates

Equipment Specification

  • Generator Selection/Specification
  • High Voltage and Auxiliary Transformers
  • Underground and Submarine Cables
  • Subsea Electrical Enclosures
  • Connectors and terminations
  • Secondary and auxiliary system design
  • Fail safe control systems
  • Switchgear
  • Protection Relays
  • Sizing and Budgetary Pricing

Power Conversion Systems

  • Selection, analysis, development and design of active front end rectifiers for renewable applications
  • Transformer / Cable / Drive pre charging systems
  • Active and Passive Harmonic Filters
  • Generator and Grid side requirements (Braking systems/Fault Ride Through, dv/dt filters, synchronisation etc…)
  • Sizing and Budgetary Pricing

Earthing Design and Safety Assessment

  • Earthing System Modelling, Design and Assessment
  • Earth Grid Safety Assessment (touch and step voltages)
  • Rise of Earth Potential (ROEP) issues
  • Fault current (zero sequence) distribution
  • Electromagnetic Interference between HV earthing systems, transmission circuits and pipelines/other utilities

HV Cable Systems

  • Subsea and underground cable sizing
  • Cable accessories and terminations (wet mate connectors, joints, subsea hubs…)
  • Functional Specifications
  • Renewable Energy Park cable reticulation optimisation
  • Testing requirements

Grid Interface

  • Grid and distribution code compliance requirements
  • 33kV/132kV Substation Design
  • Reactive compensation equipment
  • Power quality
  • System studies (P28, G59, etc..)
  • Physical and Electrical Interface