Tidal Stream Energy

Tidal currents flowing quickly in particular areas, such as between islands or around headlands…. Drop a turbine into this stream and you have tidal power – i.e. electricity.

The in-house knowledge within Emerald Energy can provide significant leverage to assist with initialising any tidal stream project or technology development. Emerald Energy can provide an in-depth knowledge and expertise into conversion off kinetic tidal stream energy into mechanical energy, conversion off mechanical energy to electrical energy, and finally to the requirements for connecting to the national grid.

Our core team members have been involved in this nascent industry from the very beginning and have hands on engineering experience with the design, installation and project development of tidal devices. Above that, we can rely on a network of experienced engineers, allowing us to tackle projects and challenges of any size.

Our most prominent skills are:

  • Wave and tidal resource assessment
  • Site selection and appraisal
  • Resource uncertainty analysis
  • Marine systems modelling
  • Mechanical engineering & structural design
  • Hydrodynamics and multi-body dynamics
  • Electrical engineering & grid connection
  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Technical and financial due diligence
  • Project management

We pride ourselves on a holistic approach to tidal energy projects. Our multidisciplinary skill-set makes us understand what energy is available, how to maximize extraction, how to minimise loading, minimise power-to-weight ratio and how to efficiently convert to grid compliant electricity providing maximum return on investment.