Wave Energy


Harvesting the power of the oceans is the ability to convert the energy contained in the waves into usable energy for the grid. It is the ability to understand the nature of the wave, its characteristics, but also its destructive force.

“Surely if I drop some sort of moving device into a sea with waves I’ll be able to produce energy?”….

Yes you would think the answer is, but when considering what is involved it’s not so straight forward:

Site wave type… device type…. oscillating….surface motion….. heave….surge…… pressure…. hydraulics…..mooring…… near shore….. installation…. desalination…..dynamics… tuning…… conversion…viability…..structure…..fatigue…

Harnessing wave energy is without doubt a major challenge, but Emerald Energy has the capability to assist. From an assessment of the wave resource and dynamic modeling, key considerations for any wave device, to deployment, power takeoff and putting the electrons in the grid, Emerald, with its considerable experience, can offer support on any scale:

Wave Resource

  • Wave and tidal resource assessment
  • Site selection and appraisal
  • Resource uncertainty analysis


  • Marine systems modeling
  • Hydrodynamics and multi-body dynamics
  • Mechanical engineering & structural design
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Electrical engineering & grid connection
  • Data acquisition and functional analysis

Project support

  • Technical and financial due diligence
  • Project management

Our core team members have hands on experience with the design, installation and project development of wave energy devices. Our multidisciplinary skill-set makes us understand what energy is available, how to maximize extraction, how to minimize loading, maximize power-to-weight ratio and how to efficiently convert to useable electricity. Above that, we can rely on a network of experienced engineers, allowing us to tackle projects of any size.