Wind Energy

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The wind industry throughout the world is at a much more advanced stage than other renewable disciplines. So what advantage is there in engaging a company like Emerald Energy for any sort of consultation?

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Emerald Energy can offer unique opinions of many aspect of the wind industry. The design of efficient turbines has been carried out, but selection of the optimum product is essential. Let us assist. Emerald Energy can also assist with the complex task of power take off and grid connection. On smaller scales perhaps there is assistance required with material selections and/or generator design.

Emerald Energy has extensive knowledge in such areas. Array layouts and inter-array connectivity – also areas of expertise within Emerald.

Wind energy is the energy obtained from air in motion, caused by temperature (and therefore pressure) differences in the atmosphere. Radiation from the sun heats the air up, which causes the air density to decrease & hence rise. Conversely, when the air temperature drops, a low pressure zone develops. Winds (air flows) balance out the difference. Hence, wind energy is solar energy converted into kinetic energy of moving air.

In terms of harnessing this energy a Wind Turbine is employed & in simple terms operates as follows: the wind turns the turbine’s blades, which spin a shaft connected to a generator that produces electricity. Large turbines can be grouped together to form a wind power plant, which feeds power to the electrical transmission system.

Wind farms are essentially a large-scale grouping of turbines, which can vary in number from one or two to hundreds of turbines and generate power from as low as 50 kilowatts to several hundred megawatts.

Emerald Energy has been at the forefront of the evolution of this technology & can offer unrivalled technical expertise in this area.